Welcome to Face Buddy - No more Nuisance Masks

Face buddy protective 3 Layer face masks is available in various sizes for toddlers, children and adults.
Made from durable poly-cotton with a filter membrane backing and can be hand or machine washed and reused daily.
The surgical mask design has the ability to keep mucus drops in or out while being fashionably comfortable and effective to wear for up to 4 hours

Our products are packed in a professional manner and includes an identification and usage guide to ensure optimum use of the product with maximum safety in mind. 

Remember to:

Wear the face mask properly with no air entering the sides.
Wear the face mask with the elastic band supported at the back of the head
Handle the face mask carefully for short periods (3 Hours),
and wash it thoroughly every day like your undergarments.
Do not touch the contaminated side of the face mask,
wash your hand if you accidentally touch it.
Keep good hygiene by washing your hands regularly.

** Note. This mask by itself does not prevent a viral infection **